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We aim at providing the best business solutions aimed at growing your advice practice.


to create efficient business practices

I don't think anyone would argue that to survive as a Financial Planner or Risk Adviser, efficient use of technology has to be a deciding factor.

We have partnered with Morningstar / Adviser Logic on the basis of outstanding service and support. They are increasing their market share through rapid Technological Advancements, and flexibility in working with key clients like Templeton. We have all our templates encoded and are developing workflows and other tools to assist advisers.


to Protect your business

Our compliance culture is firm but practical. Simply put, our role is to 'Run Block' for all Advisers Licensed with us, and make any regulatory change work for advisers so that it can be implemented into your business quickly and efficiently.

We support all Advisers through the FASEA (now ASIC) requirements and ultimately the university qualifications required by 2026. Advisers are accredited according to the product suite they offer and adhere to a tailored training program agreed from the outset of joining us.

We strive to be commercial regarding compliance, following the Corporations Law and ASIC guidance, but guiding and working with practices in managing, implementing and responding to industry and market change. Our objective is to 'stand alongside you' and be there to support you.

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to Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility

We work closely with a specialist who understands how to build 'Trust' online.

There's not a single business that knows how many referrals fall through the cracks. When someone is recommended to you, the first thing they do is check you out online. Our Alliance specialises in helping you create the right impression - one that positions you as the logical choice.

Simply put, we can assist in producing compelling, compliant social media and web solutions that connect with your target audience.


to grow your business
Successful Businesses have;
  • The right number of the right clients.
  • The right pricing model.
  • Ability to service productively your clients.
  • Underpinned with appropriate Risk Management mechanisms
Templeton can also assist and add value to your Practice Success:
  • Comprehensive approach addressing business coaching, business planning, COIs, soft skills, operational efficiencies, productivity and technology.
  • We have vast experience in practice management, business coaching, business planning, assisting with client acquisitions, implementation in operational and productive efficiencies via technology.
  • Project management/implementation assistance to drive outcomes.
  • We have the experience to assist Advisers in buying and selling practice.

Education and Training

to grow your knowledge

Education is a journey that continues to the day you leave the Industry. We are in a strong position to ensure to your individual Educational goals and personal Training Plan is implemented and attained within the timeframes required

FASEA (now ASIC) standards are firmly on our radar and we will be assisting all advisers to meet these standards. We work closely with Kaplan and other universities to facilitate these standards.
Professional Development starts with Induction Training on or before your appointment. We have quarterly PD Days and have an Annual Conference firmly in our sights. However, understanding your own Educational goals and helping you achieve them is what sets us apart.

Final Point

to grow your business

Before we arrived at a fee model, we spoke to a lot of advisers about the strengths and weaknesses of what and how they pay their Licensee. We also looked closely at what our peers charge and how.

This coupled with our commitment to providing a ‘home for advisers’ to grow their business and to contribute to the AFSLs growth has enabled us to position our fee structure to initially assist advisers making the transition from one Licensee to another cost-efficient, but also a model that we believe is sustainable.

Marketing – We can assist marketing your services on the social media. We have negotiated with a marketing agency who specialise in financial planning which entitles you to the following:

  • 10 posts/month per business
  • Blog feed to social media automated content
  • Customised look and feel
  • Customised topics/target audience based on business niche
  • Published to Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business & LinkedIn
  • Full portal access, access to content + ability post own content
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